Welcome to The Chapter Masters, a Warhammer 40,000 tournament that runs every 2 months.



Our Mission Statement

To build an Irish tournament scene with regular events allowing players to take part in fun, high level competitive play on great tables and against even greater armies.



In our first event we will be running a 1 day, 3 round event using the missions from Chapter Approved 2018. In the events afterwards we are looking to move into the ITC mission format.



There will be prizes on the day for; 1st place and best themed army (theme being open to judges interpretation).


The second Chapter Masters will take place on November 23rd from 11am - 9pm. It will be a 2000 point tournament consisting of 3 two and a half hour games with a lunch break from 2pm -3pm and a half hour break between the second and third rounds.

We want to provide enough time for every game and enough of a break for you to catch your breath and get ready for the next battle. We have put it out to vote and are moving to the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC) you can find all the mission details and FAQs HERE. We will be announcing the 3 missions a month before the event so get your practice games in and learn your secondaries.

Tickets will be on sale on Friday October 4th at 1pm. So add that to your calendar and set an alarm, we are expecting a sell out.

The cut off for new codexes will be from Monday the 28th of October so all the currently available space marine supplements are legal. We do ask that if you are playing a space marine army, that the colour scheme reflects the army being played - no Ultramahands or Ravenangels please. This in addition to our normal painting rules will be strictly enforced.

Registration and pairings will be made at 11am when Jam Park opens. Of course bring all the minis you are gonna be using (and any summoning or reserve units) as well as your dice, codexes and a measuring tape.


Painting Requirements

Let’s be honest we all know what a “painted” and “based” mini looks like?!? We ask that all players have their armies fully painted and based to a uniform level or to fit a strong theme. Games Workshop suggest a 3 colour minimum and we thinks that’s fine but we would rather see a table with two beautiful armies lining up against one and other, instead of two grey tides or a bunch of primed and half finished minis.


We Absolutely welcome conversions but we ask that you send us pictures of the minis that you would like to use before bringing them to the event. We don’t allow any proxies 3D printed replicas or stand ins. We rather than everything looks how it is supposed too rather than having your opponent have to guess whats what the whole way through your game.


The Socials

You can follow us on Instagram at ChapterMasters and on Facebook at The Chapter Masters. We’ll be posting pics of projects in the works as well as pics from the tournament and peoples armies.